Author: Sarmad Siddiqui

How To Minimize Tracking On The Web

These days a lot of web activity occurs behind the users’ back. Any link we click, any site we visit, is tracked and recorded by companies that we are completely unaware of. However, using some tools made by folks who are worried about our privacy and security, we can see and minimize the amount of …

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Buying a Good Phone

Buying a good phone is really frustrating these days. It seems that most manufacturers just go for the shotgun approach, hoping something will stick. And unsurprisingly, really nothing works. It’s just absurd. “They put a 4.3” screen? Put in a 4.5” screen.” “Oh, someone did that two minutes ago, okay make it 4.7.” “Oh they …

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Old Media, New Media, And Us.

This week my focus is on how we consume media. This post will probably be a good prelude to one of the themes that I'll focus on in the long run. In fact, I've already touched upon it a fortnight ago. In that post I said that the big media companies were "stuck in a pre-internet mentality where only they had the say". Today I'll expand on that a little bit.

A few weeks ago two very contentious pieces of legislation, called...

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Pakistan Versus England: Where Do We Go From Here?

The 3-0 drubbing of England is one of Pakistan cricket's greatest triumphs. As a Pakistani, the joy is unimaginable, especially given our trip to hell and back in the past two years. In its aftermath, the English press is doing what it does best: eviscerating the English team and calling for Pietersen’s head. Pakistan, on the other hand, is thinking a bit far ahead. They are starting to aim at that elusive number one ranking in Test cricket. It’s a great goal, but [...]

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