Author: Sarmad Siddiqui

Wrap-Up: Australian Open 2014

This was a strange tournament from start to finish. During the first four days, the battles seemed to be with the sun more than anything else. I ended up watching a smattering of the early rounds matches, but none of them were particularly memorable. The tournament definitely picked up the slack in the second week with a number of higher seeds falling, especially in the women’s draw. Then there was the men’s final, which was a bit bittersweet, but maybe an appropriate ending, to the first slam of 2014.

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Tablets are not Post-PC devices

Some people argue that a tablet is a completely separate class of computing device than a laptop. Others argue that a tablet is a consumption device and not a production device. I think both ideas are a bit wrong, or at least a bit off. Because of the tablet’s primary input mechanism, the touchscreen, people seem be willing to spin it into a new category of devices. I don’t think that distinction is really needed, or particularly useful in most cases. Just like its predecessors, the tablet is a personal computer. That’s all it is. It’s not a post-PC device [...]

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I Feel Claustrophobic

I have been using the iPad for a few months now and the best way to describe the feeling it evokes when I use it to do work is claustrophobic. Every app is its own tiny kingdom where access to data from other apps is sealed off by the operating system. And that's very claustrophobic [...]

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How to Stop Twitter From Tracking You on the Web

A couple of folks in my RSS feed linked to Dustin Curtis’s blog post titled “Twitter is tracking you on the web”. That post seems to be making rounds around the blogosphere right now. My first thoughts were “isn’t this common knowledge.” Perhaps not.

All three social giants — Twitter, Facebook, and Google — have buttons on many websites. Any site with a social button present is being tracked by one of these companies. If you’re always logged into your social accounts, this information is most likely linked to your account. I cannot say how long these giants keep that information on file, it’s not something I could dig up from their privacy policies.

The good news is there is an easy way to stop being tracked. You can use the following add-ons to stop all three sites from tracking you. I use Firefox myself, but all of these add-ons are avaliable in Chrome as well.

    • Ghostery – Blocks all three giants, as well as hundreds of other networks. If you need to disable one of the trackers for whatever reason, you can do it easily and quickly. Recommended. Link for Firefox, Google, Safari, IE, Opera.
    • ShareMeNot – Blocks all three giants. Easy to enable the buttons on demand. Works well. Link for Firefox and Chrome.
    • disconnect – Blocks all three giants as well as Linked In and Yahoo. I’d recommend ShareMeNot over disconnect, at least on Firefox. Link for atleast Firefox and Chrome.

These sites also have a bit more details about the tracking process and privacy problems that arise from it. Definitely read their about sections to get a better grasp of the information.